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GEM Cloth Makes Feminine Cloth Pads


Light pad half-dozen sets: $26
Starter packs (6 pads): $32.50 
Deluxe starter packs (8 pads): $44.50 
Overnight/postpartum half-dozen sets: $42.50

These prices do not include shipping. Postage is figured in on other pages. 




Ruby Pads have an hourglass-shaped cotton velour top, flannel or cotton woven wings in a curvy shape, and flannel/cotton material interior. They are available in light, regular, heavy, and overnight/postpartum absorbency, 8-12 inches long depending on absorbency, sewn with overlock stitch, fleece backing, plastic snaps. These are very trim due to the curvy shape and outside stitching. The cotton materials on the pad top and interior absorb a great deal and the liquid-resistant polyester fleece backing keeps everything inside the pad.


Starter packs: Sets of 6 or 8 pads. The 6-pad starter packs come with two each of the 10 inch heavy pads, 9 inch regular pads, and 8 inch light pads. The 8-pad starter packs contain those same 6 pads, plus two 12-inch overnight/postpartum pads.

Half dozen sets: Sets of 6 pads, all of the same length and absorbency.


ORDERING AND SHIPPING: I accept Paypal payments, (the name on my account is Susan Wallace), Google Wallet, Amazon gift cards and money orders. I can also invoice you if you need to pay with a bank or credit card. Email me at for any of these payment options or to order more than one set at a time.

I am closed to custom orders at this time. I ship to all countries. 

REFUNDS/EXCHANGES: I will exchange your order in the event a mistake is made on my part but no refunds will be given.